Chris and Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill

Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode 8: Young Justice #1 (1998)

January 9, 2019

Heyyy, look at us being all relevant and with the times!

On the very day Young Justice (vol.3) #1 is hitting the shelves, Chris (@acecomics) discusses the original Young Justice #1, by Peter David and Todd Nauck!  After positing a question to the folks about one's potential inability to "go home again" and fully-appreciate books of a certain era the way we used to, we synopsize and review the issue itself.

following the review, Chris takes advantage of this being the first episode of 2019 by reflecting on the "2018 Year in Cosmic Treadmill", and shares his Top Five episodes from 2018... that you might've slept on.



5. Nightwing #93 (Episode 98 - July 8)


4. Captain N: The Game Master #1 (Episode 106 - September 9)


3. Jim Nastics #1 (Episode 82 - March 18)


2. MAD #4 (Episode 118 - December 2)


1. Kill Image #1 (Episode 93 - June 3)



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