Chris and Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill

Cosmic Treadmill, Episode 7 - New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

February 22, 2018

Another week... another episode from the "completionist collection".  Hey, if you've never listened to Cosmic Treadmill, Episode 25 (and shame on you, if that's the case) this one's New To You!

Take a trip back with Reggie (@reggiereggie) and Chris (@acecomics) to the days when the Titans took in the traitorous Terra!  They run down all of her appearances leading up to her betrayal... and go longform on the Judas Contract event.  After that, they chatter on about Terra's legacy... and at least one of them pops a few blood vessels at the very thought that she'd ever be brought back.  Jokes on him, many times over by this point!


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TAGS: Tales of the Teen Titans, New Teen Titans, Judas Contract, Marv Wolfman, George Perez, Nightwing, Terra, Jericho, Deathstroke

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