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Cosmic Treadmill Presents… Comix Tawk, Episode 9: Brian Hibbs’ 10-Point Plan

July 12, 2020

For this week's (sorta-kinda dated) installment of Comix Tawk... Reggie and I take a look at a 10-Point Plan outlined by Brian Hibbs at the 2019 ComicsPRO Meeting, which he felt would keep the industry healthy (or perhaps even make it even healthier/actually healthy!).  So, please spend an hour listening to a couple of guys with zero experience in comics retail, discuss a fella who's been "in the trenches" for decades!

The 10-Points we discuss here include:

  1. Stop Mixing SKU’s
  2. Sales Charts with a “penetration index” – # of accounts purchasing specific SKU’s
  3. Abandon “meets or exceeds” thinking
  4. Tie variant SKU’s to native base sales (1 variant per 20k sales)
  5. Tie variants to percentage of publisher’s line (25%)
  6. Shipping information in a box-by-box format, and review discounts and shipping
  7. FOC locked no later than noon Fridays, including all aft and information otherwise 100% returnable
  8. Every comic should be listed in PREVIEWS, not available only at FOC.
  9. Data Summit to determine where and when to assign “Series Codes”
  10. First three issues of every new series to be fully returnable from all publishers (including one-shots and mini-series)


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