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Morituri Mondays, Episode 17 - Strikeforce: Morituri #17 (4/88)

April 27, 2020

Monsters walk among us!  Well, sorta... maybe "Monsters strapped to tables are upon us" might be more accurate a description.

Whatever the case, it's here where we'll all see what might happen when Dr. Tuolema is removed from his careful position of Morituri-Maker.  We're in for high drama and an absolute roller-coaster ride of emotions this time out folks!

Also: The FINAL chapter for our Morituri Mondays Recruits!  Who will survive?  How does their story end?

Plus: The usual nonsense, including a particularly irritating Bob Harras Pro-File, a discussion about obscure media, and an attempt by your hosts to get their High School Diplomas!  You won't wanna miss it!


Your April, 1988 Strikeforce: Morituri Roster - Blackthorn, Scaredycat, Scatterbrain, Toxyn, Hardcase, Brava, Backhand, Silencer, Shear

Alumni - Snapdragon (#4), Vyking (#6), Marathon (#12), Adept (#13), Wildcard (#13), Radian (#15)


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