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Morituri Mondays, Episode 3 - Strikeforce: Morituri #3 (2/87)

October 7, 2019

Happy Monday... soon to be your favorite day of the week!  Okay, maybe not... but, never fear... Morituri Monday is here to help you muddle through!

This week, the Chrises (@acecomics @Charlton_Hero) join the fledgling Strikeforce on their first actual mission!  Lemme tell ya, they're not failing to protect a chocolate factory this time around!  Our team is sent into the Soviet Union (which was apparently still a thing that existed in the not-so-far-flung future of Marvel Earth-1287!) to go head on with the Horde... and make a few discoveries about just how gruesome and cruel the alien invaders could be!

Also: Some assorted chatter about our early mp3 Players/digital devices, hotel amenities, the "heelish" portrayal of Soviets during the 1980s, plus YOUR FEEDBACK!


Your February, 1987 Strikeforce: Morituri Roster - Vyking, Snapdragon, Radian, Adept, Blackthorn, Marathon


Things mentioned during the program:

Protect and Survive: