Chris and Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill

ReMarvel, Episode 1: Omega the Unknown #1 (1976)

October 4, 2019

Long before I was a coffee cup with the DC Bullet logo on it, I (Chris, @acecomics) was a bona fide Marvel Zombie!  That all changed during the mid-2000's, and my fandom only dwindled from there... to the point where I now have zero (count 'em, zero) Marvel Comics on my pull list.  Being an all-or-nothing sort, I kinda let the perceived "Sins of the Sons" be visited upon the "Father", so to speak... and found that I could no longer appreciate anything that ever came out from Marvel.  New, old, whatever... I was no longer able to dig it!

I'd like to rectify that... and this program is the first step toward that goal.

Join me as I share the story of how I lost my way with Marvel... and the steps I'm looking to take in order to find it again.  We also spend a bunch of time talking about the very odd, sorta discomforting Steve Gerber/Mary Skrenes creation, Omega the Unknown from 1976!