Chris and Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill

Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode 29: Lois Lane: When it Rains, God is Crying (1986)

September 18, 2019

It's "Tales from the Undergrad" when Chris (@acecomics) shares some stories regarding a couple of the cornerstones of his earlier studies... social media addiction and forensic psychology (with a focus on missing children), the latter of which parlays into a discussion about the sorta-kinda obscure Lois Lane mini-series from 1986... a pre-Crisis story in a post-Crisis world (or something)!

It's a sobering and sad tale, wonderfully crafted by Mindy Newell and Gray Morrow... the comic that is.  The rest of the show is still a babbling idiot... and you can listen to him babble on about his love/hate relationship with the "media of social" for the better part of an hour!


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