Chris and Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill

Cosmic Treadmill, Episode 82 - Jim Nastics #1 (1984)

March 18, 2018

Salutations, dusty-fingered listeners! In this episode, cheapos Chris (@AceComics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) sift through the back of the quarter bin to bring you some independent entertainment on a budget: Redstone Comics' Jim Nastics #1, by Bill Mitchell and Alan Larsen, from 1984! After as much biographical information as could be found, and a look at the conditions that allowed this comic book to exist, they go through every page of this tense, Cold War-era drama. Then, our bouncing heroes turn the show over to our listeners, as they read YOUR keen finds in the darkened undertables of comic shops around the world. It's an episode so precious, you'll want to bag and board it!


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Thanks to the following folks for contributing!

Michael Alan Carlyle (@SonofCthulhu) from The Crapbox of Son of Cthulhu

Jeremiah Jones-Goldstein (@bigox737) from the Comics Comics Comics Blog

Chris (@btoandbatbooks) from The Batman Universe's Bat-Books for Beginners and Batgirl to Oracle Podcasts

Alex Martin (@martinalguy) who creates the cover-art for the Weird Science DC Comics Podcast

Luke Hollywood (@LJ_Hollywood)

Dallas Gipson (@RedGrassState)

Christopher Hyden (@hydenc89)

Dan Schwent (@DanSchwent)

Ryan (@CineCrisis) of the CineCrisis YouTube Channel

Professor Alan (@ProfessorAlan) of the Relatively Geeky Network and Quarter-Bin Podcast

Chris (@CharltonHero) curator of Super-Blog Team-Up and proprietor of the Super-Hero Satellite

Karen (@BTPBlog) from the Between the Pages Blog

Paul O'Conner (@LBoxGraveyard), writer of 4 Seconds from Thrillbent Comics and proprietor of Long Box Graveyard

Clinton Robison (@CoffeeComicsBlg) from the Coffee and Comics Podcast

Walt Kneeland (@waltkneeland) fromĀ Comic Reviews by Walt

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