Chris and Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill

Cosmic Treadmill Special: Young Animal “Gatherum”, Episode 17

November 29, 2018

Greetings (for the second to last time), you Dangerous Humans!  That's right, this is the penultimate installment on of our Young Animal Gatherum series of episodes.  Doncha just love saying the word "penultimate"?  Seems like the sort of word people use incorrectly all the time... like "prolific".

Am I rambling?  Well, yes... because really, there isn't much to say here about the books we're reviewing this week.  They are all *penultimate* issues, and the seams of truncation have become rather visible as our creative teams stomp on the brakes to get their stories wrapped up.


Today's discussions originally aired in segment form during the following episodes of the Weird Science DC Comics Podcast:

Episode 183 (07.08.2018) - Shade the Changing Woman #5

Episode 184 (07.15.2018) - Eternity Girl #5

Episode 185 (07.22.2018) - Cave Carson Has an Interstellar Eye #5

Episode 186 (07.29.2018) - Mother Panic: Gotham A.D. #5



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