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From Claremont to Claremont: An X-Men Podcast, Episode 2 - November, 1991

May 2, 2020

Welcome back, X-Perts... to the second episode of FROM CLAREMONT TO CLAREMONT: AN X-MEN PODCAST!

For our "difficult second album", we're looking at everything X with a November, 1991 cover-date!  We'll be meeting the man called Bishop, learning about what Moira MacTaggert did to Magneto during his babyhood, learning the fate(s) of Jamie Madrox, finding out who blew up the Excalibur bathroom, bidding a certain Toddster adieu from Marvel Comics... and much, much more!  It's another long one, we hope you packed a lunch (and dinner)!

Also: All ten of your hosts will be put through the grueling "Pod-File" questionnaire... will any of them survive the experience?  Well, yeah... after all, it's just a bunch of silly questions.

We hope you enjoy!



00:00:23 - Introduction

00:08:10 - X-Men (vol.2) #2 w/Jody (@regalfan) & Chris

01:35:27 - Uncanny X-Men #282 w/Billy (@Billyd_licious) & Chris

02:12:07 - X-Factor #72 w/Jeremiah (@bigox737) & Chris

03:36:15 - Spider-Man #16 & X-Force #4 w/Chris (@Charlton_Hero) & Chris

05:20:44 - Excalibur #43-44 w/Jesse (@stiznarkey & @sourcematcast) & Chris

06:41:02 - Wolverine #48 w/Joe (@IowasJoe) & Chris

07:41:02 - Alpha Flight #102 w/Sean (@Sean42AZ) & Chris

08:46:09 - Marvel Comics Presents #88-89 w/Walt (@waltkneeland) & Chris

09:59:28 - X-Bits from Wizard: The Guide to Comics #3 w/Adam (@hojukoolander) & Chris

11:18:00 - Outro





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