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From Claremont to Claremont, Episode 3c - Wolverine (vol.2) #49

December 5, 2020

Welcome back to From Claremont to Claremont: An X-Men Podcast, Episode 3!

Today, I am joined by Joe Crawford (@IowasJoe) to discuss the second chapter of - well, a storyline that really made me think the Shivas were going to be a hyooge deal going forward - Dreams of Gore aka. The Shiva Scenario!

Wolverine is still looking for clues to his origin... if only he could travel through time, and know that some questions probably don't need answering...

Also: The FCTC, Episode 3 "hook" continues, as Joe shares with us the "Soundtrack of his Life".  It's a great time as always - we hope you join us!


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