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Learn Me The Legion, Episode 1 - Origin Stories & Adventure Comics #247

October 26, 2020

Welcome friends, to a whole new series - and part of the "New Fall Season" here at the channel.

Longtime Legion-denier, Chris (@acecomics) looks to right the wrong of keeping DC's future-teen-heroes as a deliberate blind-spot in his comics knowledge... and to do so, he's found himself a friend to help him navigate this twisting and storied franchise.  Lifelong Legion fan, Al Sedano (@AdamThanosPod) has graciously agreed to educate and guide me to... maybe eventual Legion-relevance... or, at least maybe being able to identify a dozen or so of these characters on sight!

For this first episode, we share our own Legion origins... or lack thereof, Al provides a brief overview of the franchise, and we start our coverage... well, at the start - with a look at Adventure Comics #247 from 1958!

As this series progresses, we will be alternating between covering Legion stories, and focusing on prominent Legion characters, to try and get me up to speed.  If you're in need of some "Legion Learnin'", this might be the show for you!  If you're already a certified "Doctor of Legionomics"... well, you still might enjoy hearing how ignorant I am about the property you hold so dear!  Or, you can at least stick around long enough to hear how I ruined a really good song to make our theme music (apologies to Jarvis...)!

Feedback is encouraged!  We invite you to write in and join us on this little audio journey!


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