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Morituri Mondays, Episode 13 - Strikeforce: Morituri #13 (12/87)

March 30, 2020

A lot can happen in between issues... as we're about to learn today!

New characters!  New leaders!  New challenges!  All things that will face our favorite team!  Also: Death, and lots of it!  We officially say goodbye from two from our main cast... as well as a newbie who didn't even stay around to finish a cuppa coffee!

It's MORITURI vs. MORITURI... and it ends the only way it can!

Back-up features including The Official Handbook of the Morituri Universe, and an in depth look at the methodology behind creating characters for Strikeforce: Morituri.  If you ever wondered... wonder no more!

Also: your hosts continue to lament the loss of Jim Shooter... and have some fun with the new Editor-in-Cheese!  Do you like mustard on your burger?  Which direction do you cut your sandwich?  Can you solve the Riddle of the Oxy-sphinx?  And, finally... the M*A*S*H outro we promised last week!


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Your December, 1987 Strikeforce: Morituri Roster - Radian, Blackthorn, Scaredycat, Scatterbrain, Toxyn, Hardcase, Brava, Backhand, Silencer, Shear

Alumni - Snapdragon (#4), Vyking (#6), Marathon (#12), Adept (#13), Wildcard (#13)


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