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Morituri Mondays, Episode 19 - Strikeforce: Morituri #19 (6/88)

May 11, 2020

Welcome, friends... to the penultimate issue of the Peter B. Gillis/Brent Anderson run of Strikeforce: Morituri.  As this Sword of Damocles hangs over your humbles hosts' heads... we will endeavor as ever...  to keep our respective chins up!

In today's issue, the Strikeforce gets its first actual field leader in quite some time... and, it's probably not who you're expecting (if, in fact, you're expecting anybody at all!).  Today's mission... a trip to the Serengeti, not all of our recruits will make it home from this one!  Also: Ever wonder what happened to Aline?  Well, we're about to find out!  Also, what was up with Will last issue... and some of the cryptic things he said?  Yep, most'a that's here too!

Plus: Normal nonsense... including memories of taping everything we could off television, being taught by one of The Beatles to eat our pizza "crust first", Bert Convy's sometimes 'fro, comic book pet-peeves, and finally a decent Pro-File when editor, Jim Salicrup takes the wheel!

All'at and much, much more!


Your June, 1988 Strikeforce: Morituri Roster - Blackthorn, Scaredycat, Scatterbrain, Toxyn, Hardcase, Brava, Backhand, Silencer, Shear

Alumni - Snapdragon (#4), Vyking (#6), Marathon (#12), Adept (#13), Wildcard (#13), Radian (#15)


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