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Weird Comics History, Episode 17: The Lives and Times of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

May 18, 2017

Chris (@AceComics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) talk about the lives and careers of two of comics' greatest luminaries: Joe Simon and Jack "the King" Kirby! They discuss Jack and Joe's respective childhoods right up to the moment they meet, and continue along their whirlwind and somewhat unorthodox paths through comics' Golden Age. Then you'll learn about Kirby's ascendancy to rewrite the way comics were told while Simon quit comics...sort of. They also detail the late lives of the legendary Captain America creators, including the legal battle with Marvel fought by Jack Kirby's estate that was settled very recently! You'll definitely want to learn about these creative powerhouses that changed the comics industry--several times over!


BREAK CLIP: WBAI August 28, 1987 celebration of Jack Kirby's 70th birthday (snippet)


Kirby’s vs. Marvel (2011-2014)

Simon vs. Marvel (2003)

Stan v Jack - Who did what

My Life in Comics by Joe Simon, Titan Books, 2011


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