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Weird Comics History, Episode 23: Twilight of the Superheroes

September 12, 2017

Weird Comics Historians, Reggie (@reggiereggie) and Chris (@acecomics) sift through the reject pile and discuss Alan Moore's 1987 DC Comics pitch, Twilight of the Superheroes.  Join them as they break down Mr. Moore's take on a possible future for the DC Universe.  If you can imagine it, they're going to be discussing the year... 2000!

They will set the stage for the world of Twilight (it's like you're there!), discuss the entire story and also share Alan Moore's demandments for the perfect comics crossover event!  If you listen closely, you might even learn how to defeat Captain Marvel!

It's a great time as always, so give it a listen... and they swear, this is not an episode about John Constantine!


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