Chris and Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill

X-Lapsed, Episode 47 - X-Men + Fantastic Four #1

October 23, 2020

Today we begin the story I've been looking forward to since we first saw the tense confrontation between Reed Richards and Scott Summers way back in House of X #1 (Episode 001 of this very program)!  Today we bear witness to the skirmish over "The Impossible Boy", the recently-rapidly-aged, Franklin Richards!

An Omega Level Mutant, Franklin would definitely be an asset for the growing mutant nation of Krakoa... there are just four things standing in the way. Also, our boy Franklin's powers are depleting with each use... wassupwitdat?  Hopefully we'll find out here!

Starting this miniseries, X-Lapsed is now officially on the road to our milestone fiftieth episode... a milestone only to me! 


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