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X-Lapsed, Episode 48 - X-Men + Fantastic Four #2

October 24, 2020

Keeping with our coverage of X-Men + Fantastic Four - this time out, Reed and the Gang are Krakoa-bound looking for their lost kids.  Only problem is, they ain't there!  Instead, they're out on an island somewhere with Uncle Doom and (Aunt?) Call Me Kate.

It's a knock down drag out affair when the X-Men and Fantastic Four go at it... and one that, despite how much I'm enjoying it, I'm going to poke several holes in.

Also: Some parting shots at Fallen Angels, a reminder of a hot-take I made about a potential romance between Cyclops and Polaris - which facilitates a plug for our Weird Comics History - Twilight of the Superheroes coverage, and an endorsement for... Major X-Lapsed?!


Stuff I mentioned during the Episode:

Weird Comics History, Episode 23: Twilight of the Superheroes:

Talkin' Twelve @ Chris is on Infinite Earths:

Major X-Lapsed, Episode 1:


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